Pusher Box
The P-1 PUSHER BOX is a professionally engineered and field tested steel box, designed to integrate with Pow-R Mole PD-4 or PD-6 Pipe Pusher. The result is a unique piece of equipment which enhances the ability of the pipe pusher and protects the operator from cave-ins. It is the ultimate protection for a person having to place a pipe under the road and is especially useful in loose or unstable soil conditions.

The unit meets or exceeds OSHA specifications to a working depth of twelve feet using optional extensions.

  • Weight
    P-1 Box 1,000 lbs.
    Extension 420 lbs.
  • Outside Dimensions - Pusher Box
    4'H x 3' W x 6' L
  • Outside Dimensions - Extension
    2' H x 3' W x 6' L
Pow-r Mole
P-1 Pusher Box