Diesel Dragon - Pow-R Mole Model HP-35
The Pow-R Mole Model "HP-35" Hydraulic Pump Recommended for use with Models PD-6, PD-7, & PD-8 Pushers

  • Engine: 58 H.P. Volkxwagon Diesel
  • Controls: Up Front "Single Sation" Design
  • Overall dimensions:
    • Length: 60"
    • Width: 30"
    • Height: 52"
  • Hudraulic Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Hydraulic Flow: 35 GPM
  • Weight: 1,700 Pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 19 Gallons (US)
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 37 Gallons (US)
  • Noise Apatement: Fully Shrouded, Sound Suppressed (89 db)
  • Hydraulic Quick Couplers: Flat Faced 1" Full Flow
  • Hydraulic Hose Requirements: 1" Return, 3/4" Pressure
Pow-r Mole
Diesel Dragon - Pow-R Mole Model HP-35
By popular request from the pipeline rehabilitation industry Pow-R Mole has designed two new pusher/pullers and a new hydraulic pump to power them. These machines offer more power in a smaller package than any other pusher/puller on the market. The pushers use a new two inch diameter push rod. Each rod has a tapered male and female thread for quick assembly. They are available in thirty inch lengths and three meter lengths (39.4"). A carrying box is available for the rods.